Coming from a long line of bakers and chefs, sweet treats and good flavors just come natural to us!

Since beginning business, our mission at Sweet Jewel Baked Goods has always been to offer our community a sweet menu of our favorite flavors. We welcome all to join the sweet life by tasting for yourself the reason we're known so well for every bite. Whether you're in the mood for a cookie, a cake, or a party-sized sweet feast, we're certain your treat of choice will satisfy the sweet tooth. We're so committed to our craft that we even offer pop-up markets, catering, pick-up, and subscription box services so you can enjoy as much goodness as you deserve. When it's treat time, you know who to call.


Established in 2019. We started making delicious treats for friends and family. We then expanded to share recipes with our local community.


Hi I'm Essence, the lead baker of Sweet Jewel Baked Goods. I started baking as a hobby while on maternity leave and the desserts just got better every time. I would get so many requests that a business seemed to be the natural progression. Today, we make classic treats along with unique flavor combinations. My goal is to get one cookie in your hand, and I promise your life will be changed from that moment on. I love sharing recipes and working with different brands to show others how to make sweet treats at home. Contact me for recipe development, baking demonstrations, sponsored posts on social media or affiliate marketing opportunities at info@sweetjewelbakedgoods.com.